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The key thing to know about a Taurus man is that he is the perfect combination of a .Tradition is important to him, as is a stable and comfortable lifestyle.He’s going to wonder how after two dinners and one museum trip you already know that you want him to be your boyfriend.

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I wouldn’t overdo the perfume or body sprays if I were you, keep it to fresh linen-type deodorants. While Taurus men tend to come across as quite stuffy in everyday life, in the bedroom they can actually be pleasingly stylish.

This is because they have an old-fashioned kind of romance about them. They like music and candle-lit rooms, aromatic scents softly tinting the air and a proper, and a romantic kind of seduction. She is someone who will appreciate his old-fashioned tastes and style.

If you make a man your whole life, he’s going to lose interest because he will most likely feel smothered!

Remember, he fell in love with the dynamic “you” who has her own interests and passions who wanted to make him a part of your life, not the whole darn thing.

If you are a clean-freak you will be right up his street because disorder in the home is one thing he cannot tolerate.

Femininity is very high on the agenda, so all that sensual lingerie is going to come in handy.If you want to show a man that you’re girlfriend material, don’t hook up with him on the first date.It will probably make him wonder if you would do the very same thing with every other Tom, Dick and Harry.He is also very proud and has a slightly stubborn streak.He is possibly the most steady guy you will ever meet; certainly family man material, and he looks for exactly the same things in a woman. Perhaps the reason he takes his time when choosing his partners is that once he had chosen her, he will stick to her for a very long time.(We recommend that you hold that conversation until at least date three or four).