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Many young people base their ideas of happy coupledom on the simple, blissful images seen in animated films and old-time movies.

These stories, while compelling, don’t really represent what it takes to build a fulfilling partnership.

Many unsavory behaviors are the result of events in early life: if those incidents are revealed in a therapeutic setting, you might find it easier to reconnect with your spouse.You may not know your spouse as well as you assume.Bridge burning is not very effective means of communication: in fact, it usually alienates the individual to whom you want to connect.Before you throw down the gauntlet and strut away like a scorned movie hero or heroine, consider the impact of your actions on the other person and on your relationship as a whole.If you’re worried about your partner’s reactions and want the guidance of an experienced psychologist, couples counseling may be particularly effective.

Therapy could also cast your—or your partner’s—traits in a new light.Some marriages are very one sided: one partner is clearly a bully, and the other partner dashes about in damage control mode.However, many other unions are gradually taken apart by both members of the couple.Many marriages flourish in the light of constructive, nourishing change.As a child, your parents, teachers, and idols probably encouraged kindness and honesty.Make time to discuss potential difficulties with your spouse during good times and create an action plan in advance.