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Packed into a tiny arcade is an amusement arcade with a difference, also created by Tim Hunkin. The bonkers collection of home made slot machines includes Rent-a-Dog, Auto Frisk, the Expressive Photobooth, The Bathyscape and a game based on crossing a motorway using a zimmer frame!

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By 1999 work was underway, and in 2001 the pier had reached its new length of 623 feet. A year later, the Waverley paddle steamer docked at the pier and relived the glory days by carting off a ship-full of passengers up to the Smoke. The Internet — both a public good and a danger to children Experiments with identity Advancing the argument through case study Katerina’s story Rania’s story Stefanos’ story Dimitra’s story Fivos’ story Mary’s (Dafni’s mother) story Discussion The Internet and the young Drugs and technology Harm minimisation and Internet safety?For many of us the Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life.Teachers, parents, librarians and other adults want to encourage children and young people to make maximum use of the positive and creative possibilities of the internet, but they also feel, to varying degrees, responsible for steering them away from the dark side.

In some cases they will use blocks and filters but these are never fully effective and they know that they need to find other ways of guiding children to safe use.In 1934, a fierce storm saw the 'T' section at the end of the pier swept away, never to be replaced.Despite the steamships gradually losing trade to improved road connections, the pier remained popular with a 1937 pavilion adding a concert hall and amusement arcade.From the 13th century onwards, Walberswick was a thriving port trading in cheese, bacon, corn, timber and fish, but tourism replaced these local industries after World War 1. St Andrew's church, Walberswick is unusually built inside the ruins of a far larger 15th century church. Walkers heading towards one of the many disused windmills in the area. Nearly half of all the properties in the village are now holiday homes. » St Andrew's church, Walberswick feature Cottage dating back to 1785. We stopped over at the lovely Parish Lantern for tea and coffee. The pier was patched up in 1948, but worse was to come in 1955 when a mighty storm washed away the end half of the pier.