East asian men difficulty dating

Many Asian American women believe it is not, and back their point by describing annoying experiences of having to deal with limiting and degrading stereotypes when dating non-Asian men.Typically, the issue arises when the assertive, independent Asian American woman (who is culturally not too different from her non-Asian peers) is expected to conform to the fantasy image of a mysterious, exotic and submissive Oriental female.

A common expression of the 'ego-in-need-of-boosting' is the kindly condescending non-Asian (usually white) person who tries to attach himself to Asian immigrant circles so he could take on a 'teaching role' and show them the 'American way'.

In some cases, these people give helpful practical advice to new immigrants, but it should also be noted that more often than not, they come to teach and not to learn.

This third group comprises of people who might not have any special attraction to the 'Asian look' and do not find it any more a turn-on than any other stereotypical 'racial look'.

But they gravitate towards Asians, consciously or subconsciously, because of certain cultural traits that may actually exist within Asian populations to a greater degree than they do in Western populations.

Of course, in real life, the boundaries between the three groups is not always clear, but for the purposes of this article, we will assume these distinctions do exist.

The membership of this third group extends beyond people who prefer date Asians to people who may not have dated Asians but have many Asian friends.

The so-called 'Asian fetish' (which typically targets only East Asians/Southeast Asians) has long been a hot topic of debate in interracial dating forums.

Some say Asian fetish' is just a harmless preference for specific physical characteristics, such as narrow eyes and flatter noses, as harmless as some people's preference for dating, say, fatter partners.

I believe that the 'pro-Asian fetish' and 'anti-Asian fetish' camps probably do not disagree as much as they think.

The difference is in how they define 'Asian fetish'.

The majority of people who say that they have a special attraction to Asians probably would not approve of racial stereotyping, that is, making assumptions on someone's behavior and values based on their race.