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Based on what they outright state, you can assume that all of the numbers on the site are AT LEAST two years old.

Does that sound like the behavior of a legitimate site?

Dating sites that cater to men interested in older women that are legitimate are always difficult to find.

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In the case of Mature you can't trust any of the numbers you see!As you can see from the image above, Mature Hookup is very upfront with their skewing of the numbers.They have also been around since 2006 and you can't stick around that long with delivering for the guys who use the site.In our review of the top hookup sites that deliver they were #1.If you find the photo in several other spots on the internet the profile is likely fake.

One of the best indicators regarding the health of a dating website is how many potential users are searching for the site on Google.

The first thing I look for on a site like Mature Hookup is numbers.

You want to find a site with the best chance of finding a suitable woman and the more the merrier.

Our Mature Hookup review will investigate Mature using the criteria we have used many times before.

As we have done many times in the past we will take an extensive look at Mature Hookup to see if it is a site that can deliver on it's promises or if it is a scam!

Over the years we have gotten very good at spotting the fakes from the legit sites.