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It has a 4.3-inch multitouch screen compared to the i Phone's 3.5-inch screen.

However, the i Phone also has the "Retina Display" technology, which gives it significantly higher resolution.

The chips are not identical, though, so there may be some small differences in performance.So far, users of both phones have expressed excitement over how snappy and responsive the phones seem to be.Battery Life The i Phone 4 has one of the most impressive battery life specs in the smartphone industry.Apple says the new i Phone can get 7 hours of 3G talk, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of Wi Fi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music and 300 hours of standby.But in comparing the i Phone 4 and Droid X, the question of OSes simply comes down to personal preference.

IN PICTURES: Apple's i Candy Display At first glance, it would seem the Droid X easily has the better display.Here’s a look at how the i Phone 4 and Droid X compare.And in case you've already ruled out the Droid X as your next smartphone, we've also got a comparison of the i Phone 4 vs. Operating System As we said in our previous comparison, it's a remarkably even fight between i OS4 (in the i Phone 4) and Google Android (in the Droid X) operating systems.Both feature multitasking and extensive app stores, although the i Phone still has a much larger selection with over 200,000 apps to Android's 70,000.The Droid X runs Android 2.1, which will presumably be upgraded to the latest 2.2 version in the near future.There is a 32GB version of the i Phone for 0, and the Droid X users can buy a 32GB memory card to increase storage.