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With Suzanne still convinced Hannah was taking drugs, Hannah lies to her mother that her recent behaviour was because Gilly had sexually assaulted her. After days of abuse from Rhys and Josh, being hounded by Suzanne, and having her condition misunderstood by Neville, Hannah feels she needs to escape.She engineers a plot to escape the country with Melissa, who is worried that being force-fed will cause her to get fat.John Paul tries to be there for Hannah, but she tells him off for lying to her and blames him for her condition, while also admitting she is still in love with him.

John Paul and Hannah later get back together, but then Hannah catches him kissing their friend, Craig Dean (who is the one he actually had feelings for), at a school dance.

In the heat of the moment, Hannah announces to everyone what she saw.

Afterwards, Hannah tells John Paul they can just pretend the kiss never happened, but John Paul says they cannot and he has realised he is gay.

Hannah is devastated and becomes convinced she made him gay because of how "repulsive" she is.

Hannah tells everyone she wants to get better, but her anorexia continues.

She hides it from her family by asking for food and then hiding it in her room.Rhys's best friend, Gilly Roach, also becomes convinced that Hannah is taking drugs.Annoyed with Gilly's interference, Hannah threatens to falsely accuse him of sexually assaulting her if he does not keep his mouth shut.Hannah is caught in the middle of an argument between Sarah and John Paul, during which she passes out.Both Suzanne and Sarah try to convince themselves it is a delayed reaction from her condition, after a search of her room initially finds no sign of hidden food.All of Hannah's friends become suspicious of her weight loss and change in behaviour.