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Edit: ok, it is possible that they are not boring and mansplainers, only excited to share information and talk about interesting stuff (science! If that is the case, it should be ok to just say you would prefer to not be interrupted, or somehow ask politely why did he feel like sharing that information with you (“hey, I love talking to you about these things, but when you explain a simple concept like this it feels less like talking, and more like a lecture”) engineers who had only a rudimentary understanding of a physics concept but still loved to explain it to me in great detail.

I don't want to say anything specific because Idk if they reddit.

So say i made a joke about Khia's song and mispoke the lyrics "my neck, my back, suck my pussy and my crack" they'd get a hard on correcting me and giving me a dissertation about how its lick, not suck.

And if someone continued our banter, and later said btw its lick not suck, I would be happy to know what is actually correct.

What's a good way to let a date know that i find this behavior off putting?

I've historically dated goofy/class clown type men so dating the opposite is challenging.

For example, these guys LOVE to explain sometimes basic things to me like i didn't listen to middle school/high school science class.Different, but similar: A high-level job opening at a university, the three candidates are a physicist, an engineer, and a mathematician.While talking to the physicist, the interviewer is smoking a cigarette, and "accidentally" drops it in a waste pail, where a flame erupts.I have the luck of having moved to an area with a higher than average amount of engineers.However, I'm finding that despite some of them being perfect on paper, our personalities are clashing.When a guy interrupted me with a definition of a word that was tangentially related (like interrupt me to explain what different light frequencies are if I talk about UVB light) so i interrupted HIM to tell him i dont want a lecture and continued what I was saying. What can I do better in the future or how can i have a conversation about this really annoying behavior?