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Moreover, this non-professional side of reality TV gives it a more human aspect to which people could relate.

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With the exception of documentaries, most of the reality TV shows that we watch are manipulated in one way or another.As a matter of fact, what we watch on TV could never be 100% faithful to the original recordings.The idea that simple, ordinary people might become TV stars fascinated me.During my early childhood, I had grown up watching cartoons and movies whose far-fetched scenarios did not mean much to me. They triggered in me a sense of affinity to their characters with whom I could relate as opposed to the professional movie actors whose real or acted lives were out of my league.Even from their homes, people feel somehow involved in these shows.

I can still remember watching my father excitedly guessing the answers to Wheel of Fortune and then jumping up in joy when he got them right.Well, most people who watch those shows do not believe they are real.In his essay “How Reality TV Fakes It”, James Poniewozik points to a recent TIME poll that showed that only 30% of the respondents believed that the shows largely reflect reality and 25% of them believed that they are not real at all.For instance, Survivor, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Wife Swap, The Simple Life and Big Brother are but a few of the many TV series that have garnered millions of viewers worldwide.Moreover, many reality TV shows have reached the top of the charts and have beaten other famous TV series to the top.However, there have been many cases when editors select and arrange scenes in a particular fashion in order to manipulate the events and create a story that is different from what actually happened.