Evening standard speed dating

We can change your booking to another event provided you give us 48 hours notice from the event start time.Short or no notice cancellations really spoil our events for those that can make it so please let us know if your plans change.

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It's not a problem if we don't get an exact ratio, there's always plenty of people to meet and most events sell out.

If you have credits to spend this will be shown when you log in to your account.

If you don't meet someone you want to see again you can attend another speed dating event free of charge by selecting 'no' to everyone. Dim Sum) or standard speed dating events paid for with credits purchased at a discount.

In this instance you will receive a credit that can be spent on another standard speed dating event. A match occurs when people at our events both express a mutual interest in each other via our online matching system.

Lock and Key parties are our biggest events and they are all about meeting loads of people in one very sociable night. On arrival girls get small padlocks and guys get keys.

The simple goal is to find the person that has the key that matches your lock, or vice-versa. We often incorporate speed dating into these events and they take place at great venues.Please contact us via email to change your booking - we can't do this over the phone.Tickets and credits are non-refundable however we will try to move your booking to an alternative event if you find you cannot attend. Like our population, we see a cultural mix of people working in a diverse range of sectors and there's no set type.It will display a list of people you received a yes match with and a list of people you received a friend match with.You will then be able to message your matches via the system.If either person clicks 'no' this is not a match and we do not allow contact.