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If you're getting a user photo from AD DS, you can use the Get User Photo operation (if you know the email address) or the Resolve Names operation (if you don't know the email address).

If you're getting a user photo from a contacts folder in the mailbox, use the Get Item operation followed by the Get Attachment operation.

For more information about the Delve Profile Page, see Connect and collaborate in Office Delve.

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The name of the folder will vary, depending on what the My Site Host root web locale is set to at the time of photo upload or synchronization.NOTE: If the My Site Host root web locale is set to English, the name of the folder will be Profile Pictures.User profile pictures are stored in the My Site Host site collection.The My Site Host site collection is created from the SPSMSITEHOST#0 template.NOTE: The examples in the Procedure section show only two ways for the photo sync to occur. The Delve Profile page consists of three sections: the Office 365 suite navigation bar, the Delve Profile pane, and the left-side navigation pane.

The user’s profile picture is displayed in all the sections that make up the Delve Profile page.For example, the size code HR48x48 returns an image that is 48 pixels high by 48 pixels wide.The possible values for the size code parameter are the same as the possible values for the Size Requested element. [email protected]&size=HR240x240") as Http Web Request; // Submit the request. Get Response() as Http Web Response) Exchange returns the data with a content type of image/jpeg, along with a collection of header values. The value is a string that represents the last time the photo was updated.The images are tagged so that they will be cached by the browser.When you change your profile picture, you may have to clear the browser image cache.If the photo hasn't changed since the last request, the server will respond with an HTTP 304 response that indicates as such.