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As long as it makes you feel sexy, that’s the perfect level of skin-show that you need to feel better about yourself.

Let’s face it, you’d enjoy a better sex life when you’re feeling sexy and desirable.

But as the years rolled by, these places got a lot more crowded and people who were single too, started dogging around this place. People who hide behind bushes or trees and try watching a couple canoodling are known as “Doggers”.

Dogging is thought to have got its name from the men who would stumble across the lovers while out walking their dog.

This feeling of wanting to get naked in public or at an inappropriate place is usually heightened while having sex or in the middle of heavy petting.

The exhibitionist in us all We see couples making out and groping each other all the time on the dance floors.

We see girls who don’t need a better tan lie down topless on the beaches.

And yet, the word ‘exhibitionist’ seems far more dangerous and taboo.Getting the attention of good looking members of the opposite sex will always get your heart racing.So as long as you’re enjoying yourself, what have you got to lose?However, dogging nowadays has become less accidental, and it’s become a pleasurable activity for many people.[Read: Seven sexiest places to have sex in public] Getting naked in public and giving a peek You’d be quite surprised by the amount of exhibitionism that happens around us every single day.Go visit a shrink if you get your jollies up while scaring girls by flashing your privates at them. Follow the public display of affection laws and flash only if you know it’s going to make someone else happy! Now going back to our talk on getting naked in public, seriously, a wee bit of indecent exposure has never hurt anyone, has it? For years and years, couples and lovers have searched for lonely creeks and quiet corners.