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Facebook adds that on each profile tile, you can see activities others are interested in and whether you have any friends in common. To connect with your potential new friends, you can send a message directly through their profile or send them a friend request.Facebook sees the feature resonating with people who are just starting out in a new job, new school or new city.

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And you'll be able to message the employer and apply directly through Facebook for those jobs.And Gaming groups will get a new chat feature so that members can create threads for different topics within the group.Android and i OS apps are getting an update right away; the desktop site will be revamped in the coming months.Instagram has a reputation as one of the friendlier places on the web, but also one of the most competitively performative.Group interaction options will show up while you’re browsing other parts of Facebook, too.

The redesign is also supposed to help people expand their social circles.If that person has opted into Facebook Dating, they’ll receive a notification that someone has a crush on them.If that crush happens to adds you to their own Secret Crush list, it's a match!Its overwhelming theme, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is that “the future is private.” After a year plagued by controversy over whether Facebook is invading its users’ privacy and encouraging social division, it’s pushing hard on helping people connect with close family and friends.During the keynote, Facebook announced updates to Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook’s core service.The first is a fresh feature added to Facebook Dating called Secret Crush, in which you might spark romance with someone who is already in your extended social circle.