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However, when she decided to have an abortion her life too a dramatic and sad turn. Later, Mimi wormed her way in between Shawn and Belle, and even married Shawn.The two couldn't conceive a child and turned to a surrogate to have a baby.Now, I've been a fan of "General Hospital" since I was a little kid, because my mom always had the show on in the afternoons. I don't really have the time to watch it anymore, but given the longevity of some of the characters on the show, I happen to know a couple of the actresses who are on "Dirty Soap." That's not to say I know on the show, but I don't think you necessarily need to know them to enjoy it.

The NBC soap opera is officially bringing back a character that has been gone from Salem for over ten years, and fans couldn't be more excited.According to the latest "During her time in Salem she was the best friend of Belle Black, and caused some serious trouble.After leaving “Days” in 2007 she joined the cast of “One Life” as Gigi Morasco, a character created by Carlivati, who had taken over as head writer of the show that year.Both Fath and Carlivati stayed with the show until it was cancelled by ABC and went off the air in 2012. So good to see everyone and play.” But will she really only be back for a handful of episodes? Check out some of our forum posters’ reactions to the casting news below, and vote in our poll: how long do you want Mimi to be back in Salem?However, Belle, who was married to Philip at the time, was also using the invitro process to have a child and that's when things got really crazy.

Mimi's egg was fertilized by Philip's sample and implanted into a surrogate.Her character Mimi was best friends with Belle Black (currently played by Martha Madison) and at one point was married to Shawn Douglas Brady (currently played by Brandon Beemer).She left town after discovering that she had killed her abusive father but had suppressed the memory.Putting aside her professional career, the blonde beauty now is a married lady and also has a kid with her partner.Now a family person with whole new responsibility on her hands how does she overcome her challenges as a wife and a mother?Stay updated with us at The Celebs Closet for more celebrity content.