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Even the handful of people who think fat acceptance is a thing still prefer not to date fatties.

Markets are beautiful because they separate the lies people say (meaning, most of what people say) from what people actually want. Even if most people are polite to fatties, as I typically am, the fatties still won’t be able to get good dates.

Most people don’t even have a sit-stand desk (although I see this changing, slowly).Someone who bikes to work is seen as either an improbable hero who is far removed from everyday life or a weirdo. Sugars and simple carbs are everywhere in our society.In 1992, Mary Evans Young, a size-positive activist in England, launched International No Diet Day, which continues to be an annual tradition.In 1993, Toni Cassista filed a lawsuit against Community Foods, a store in Santa Cruz, California, when she was not hired because of her size.If you want a fun mechanical hobby, take a bike repair class.

Bikes are beautiful machines that most people don’t understand.In the 1990s, fat feminism became increasingly popular.For the first time, fat feminism was officially supported by the National Organization for Women when the organization adopted an anti-size discrimination stance and started a body image task force.Most people who don’t want to be fatties must actively fight against the society in which we live.Many don’t even understand nutrition or its importance in their lives.Encourage other people to ride, but don’t be an asshole about it.