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However, excuse me if there's already an active post covering this topic.

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From a quarter century of listening and learning from our customers - you are our inspiration.Choosing the right crossdressing store is an important decision.;)"Honestly I think it might be better to first focus on feeling good about yourself. But I mean, it's easier to happen on someone who'll be good to you if you're first good to yourself.You could always manage to hook up with someone, but is it worth it? It's one of those things where it's easier to find it without actually looking for it, but instead striving to make it something you don't even need in your life to feel fulfilled.haaaaa hahahahah ahah ahahah ohh my god was he serious Um, to be less of a jerk: suggesting that trans men should seek out lesbian sexual partners is both transphobic and lesbophobic. Once you transition, your body will be effectively male.I'm genderqueer though, so my gender is a bit flexible when it comes to things like these.

Hot enough a person and I have said (tho I was drunk don't judge) "Baby I could be anything for you, what do you prefer?

People who identify as queer, bisexual, fluid, non-label, gay men, heteroflexible men, dykes, what have you - are all in my range. I think that in relationships that started before transition can continue after transition even if the couple's orientations don't really match anymore - at that point they have love on their side.

I also believe sexual orientations are not prescriptive. I also don't really think there is anything wrong with identifying as gay or heterosexual and it actually being more like a 85% attraction to one side and a 15% attraction to the other.

But you're young and don't have the experience I have had. It really depends on the person, but for me, one of my primary requirements of my sexual partners is that they grok my gender identity.

For that reason, people who identify as heterosexual men, or as lesbian women are both basically off the table.

The why don't you date lesbians suggestion is absolutely ridiculous. Doesn't mean they (or you) aren't dateable it just means you haven't found the right one(s) to date yet. I dated a straight guy, and man that pushed me back into being in the closet even for myself!