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That way you won't be left frustrated as online dating heavily favours women given that guys play the numbers game by messaging every women.

Both men and women are to blame for online dating being a time waster.

You meet beautiful available women almost every day, its just developing the confidence to sus out her situation and be brave enough to ask the question.

Don't waste your time using online dating as a primary means of meeting women.Use it as a complimentary avenue in addition to meeting women in the real world. 'Nice' people could possibly be in a lot of places but if you want someone to like you for you I suggest you try places where you can get to know people and maybe try getting to know them without expecting them to be the love of your life right away. Doesn't matter what spin you want to put on it, nobody is fooled. Men often go on about women's breasts, legs, butt, they are interested in sex, they don't want women who have too much make up or not enough or man-hands or flab or who own a cat or a collection of stuffed toys ... If you don't like internet profiles don't use internet dating. ^ THIS A man's intended outcome is completely transparent on these sites. Most women don't want to let on that they met their boyfriend online. but it's nice to set up an account and be entertained by all the attention. Both genders whine about not being appreciated for 'themselves' but are also attracted to certain things in other people which those others possibly deem superficial.

That said, Im sure the bulk of the hot ones are either fake or women who are simply boosting their ego with zero interest in actually meeting guys.Not to mention the fact they don't age well compared to other nationalities.More and more blokes are beginning to realize that it just isn't worth it, especially if you have would've taken me maybe 2 hours per day to read everyones message, then read their profiles, then come up with a nice reply.what made it worse was i would often get mean messages from men when i don't reply calling me rude for not replying.they say that on profiles because they get 100 men messaging them per day and it's cut down the amount of unwanted messages.