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If ever I'm in trouble, I know I can rely on her for help. Think about three of your 8 Colin and I have been teaching at the same school for friends . these people and what things you do 9 Barney and I have known each other since we were at together. It doesn't matter if we haven't seen each other similar in any way. b We use from to introduce the agent in a passive sentence. It was from his brother in New York who was also seeking his fortune in America and was looking for him. They began their work at a time when Germany had been occupied by the French under Napoleon. As young scholars, the brothers Grimm began work on the fai1y tale collection in order to save the endangered oral storytelling tradition of Germany. That Th at That That That m ust have been a relief. But that is exactly what Alberto Acosta did when he was appointed Ecuador's Oil Minister in 2007. We can rep ort ideas in the present or in the p ast. • before most cities, countries, continents, lakes, mountains, lan guages and names of people.

Speaking 7 Kate has always stood by me in times of difficulty. We get on very well, even though we never really Choose from the types in Exercise 8. I think I've been round to his Think also about how often you see house once. Do you think the changes are difficult for Bella too? a The person doing the action - the agent - is not the main focus of the sentence. Then one day he saw an announcement in a newspaper that was read by immigrants. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm viewed themselves as patriotic students of folklore . Comment ing on a good outcome to a bad situation Phew ! 2 If you'd visited this area twenty years ago, you'd've seen a very different river. 4 If people'd been more careful, things wouldn't've come to this point. Then mingle with the other students and tell each other your ideas. CLIMATE CHANGE 83 vocabulary oil • reading Ecuador's plan to protect natural resources • grammar wish, would rather and if only • speaking wishes 7 b The minister for no oil One thing you do not expect an oil minister to do is to block the development of his own country's oil fields. Use We use passive rep orting structures to talk abou t events when the speaker is unknown or unimportant, or when someone w ishes to remain an onymous.

No one 7 has provided I has been providing a definite answer, but it seems some animals are just naturally sociable. 5 Complete these statements using words from the article. She'd much rather work I worked for them than her present company.

Explain to each other the use of the verb forms in bold in sentences 1-10 using a-d from Exercise 5. 1 We come from d ifferent backgrounds but we ...................................................... 2 We don't have to do anything special, like going to a show.

Her real name is Zhou Jiaying - 'Bella' is the name that she has been given by her English teacher. She is an amazing woman and the head of the family, I suppose; the one who holds us all together. Choose a phrase from the box and say it either with expressive intonation or with fla t intonation. In an effort to make them more acceptable to children and their parents, he stressed the moral of each tale, and emphasised gender roles. \Nhen scientists studied trees in the Yasuni ational Park in Ecuador's unspoiled rain forest, they found over 650 different species of tree in just one hectare - more than the total number in all of the US and Canada combined. It was reported that there had been violence at the demonstration. I have a lot of admiration for the relief workers in Somalia. 5 Past report about a distant past event: said I men I not see I the Arctic ice I then We use zero article plural countable and uncountable nouns: • to talk in general about things or people.

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What things do they do together to enjoy each other's company? PRESENT TENSES REVIEW 1.2 Listen again and choose the right word to complete each statement. Or do they form relationships only for practical reasons? Present continuous The two animals are fulfilling a basic social need in each other. Her parents want to be supportive, but they no longer help with Bella's homework; in spoken English she has surpassed them. Their parents 2 have spoiled them a little perhaps. Marie had had French nannies who coarseness (n) /';is/ bei ng rough and dow n-to-earth; a lack of sop histi cat ion or refinement folklo re (n) /'fauk ,b:r/ the trad it iona l songs, stories, proverbs, legends of a society nanny (n) /'nreni/ a woman paid to look after young chil dren spin (v) /sp m/ to make natura l fibre (l ike woo l) into t hread lf ! liie J;[email protected]@j YOUR REACTIONS TO STORIES 27 real life reacting to stories • pronunciation linking and assimilation 2d What a disaster! oil well, oil tanker, oil field For further information and practice, see Workbook page 59. Both Nigeria and Guatemala are hoping they will be able to make similar deals.

1 Co-operation between animals of different species is not a natural b easy c usual 2 Dogs are usually ···············-·····- . Present perfect simple Suriya has understood that the hound dog is very hungry. She has already learnt much more about the world outside than them. Often these children 3 receive a better education than their parents. Real life reacting to stories 4 Pronunciation linking and assimilation 1 Work in pairs. A spokesperson for local environmental groups explained, 'This is a fantastic initiative.

2 But at the same time these new values are also being questioned. The study was well supported by local residents, but often what was of more immedia te interest to people was something which intrigues us all: the history of our recent ancestry. ii J YOUR FRIENDS AN INFORMAL EMAIL THE GENERATION GAP Richard, 38 My great-grandfather Tomas came to America from Poland when he was fifteen . In the United States the Grimms' collection helped launch Disney as a media giant. During th eir lifetimes the collection sold few copies in Germany. Tick the things and people you think you w ill see in the video. 4 H ow have studio blockbusters influenced documentaries? Complete the phrases w ith the missing time exp ressions. Then tell each other if you do any of these actions or support others who do. When we report ideas in the past, we use the verb be in the past simple. It was believed that the break-in had happened late at night.

1 Bella is the name that she has been given by h er English teacher. 'He was clearly something of a free spirit: 'My parents have a strong work ethic: 'We've both inherited that desire to get ahead .' 9 Look at the questions below and note down your answers. Does family have a similarly strong influence in your lives? National Geographic's Genographic Project, known also as the Human Family Tree, set out to trace the origins and common ancestry of the various immigrants in this community by examining their genetic makeup using a simple DNA test. The Japanese have built two theme parks devoted to the tales. Which describe movement and which a way of speaking? Try to use some descriptive verbs and adverbs, but don't overuse them! • Have they included some descriptive verbs and adverbs? 2 You are going to w atch a video about the history of film. 3 Name two unusual activities you see as examples of how documentary filmmakers have used the camera in new ways. 8 We changed our habits after we saw a shocking TV programme about how much water is wasted. Match each verb in A with as many nouns in B as you can. It is understood that reporters will leave the area immediately. 167 - Grammar summary For a report in the p ast of an event that happened before the report, we u se the past p erfect in th e thatclause. 6 Past report of a futu re event: not believe I newspapers I become I so p owerful Practice 1 Complete the text with the or zero article(- ). 1 Present report about a present event: report I story I not be I true .

Present perfect continuous They have been doing this every day since they first met. 1 present simple 2 present continuous 3 present perfect simple 4 present perfect continuous a highlights a recent activity b describes a situation in progress or happening around now c describes a permanent I usual situation d highlights the present result of a recent past action Vocabulary friends: nouns and phrasal verbs 8 Work in pairs. 'Our advice is not listened to and it is not wanted; her mother says. Their parents 4 send them to private schools and they 5 encourage them to go to university. What kind of things do you a find often go wrong day-to-day: computers, transport, things in the house, forgetting things? 1 The bus broke down on the motorway, so we were all left stranded until help could arrive. If only people in developed countries appreciated that these forests absorb a lot of the CO, that their industries produce.

For furth er in formatio n and practice, see page 156. What type of friend or person is each person talking about in Exercise 7? acquaintance fair-weather friend fellow student flatmate girlfriend mutual friend old friend travel companion true friend workmate 6 Choose the correct tense to complete this passage about animal friendships. 'When she was little, she agreed with all my opinions. Which of the verbs in bold in 1-6 below also sound natural in the passive? In China the new economy 6 is raising everyone's hopes. (dress) as if they are eighteen.' _ (leave) behind by all the new 'We technology they use.' Our grandparents __ . 2 Ii 1.13 Look at these extracts from six personal accounts of things that went wrong. 2 My trousers got caught on the door handle and as I walked away they tore. Underline the sounds in these sentences that you think are linked or assimila ted. I just wish- they would take a longer-term view of this problem. 6 Please come and discuss it at the newspaper office tomorrow.

, Unit 10 Eating insects Discover why eating insects could be good for you, and why one man is on a mission to change our tastes . Unit 12 Japan Learn more about the history and traditions of Japan. Recently, Bella's family put their grandfather into a nursing home. In traditional China, caring for aged parents has always been an unavoidable duty, but times are changing. 'I want one day to put my parents in the best nursing home' - the best that money can buy, she means. Flat intonation often suggests a lack of emotion or interest. 1 When was the last time you bumped into someone that you hadn't seen for ages? During win ter nights, as they sat spurnin g wool, women kept each other company and entertained themselves with tales of advenhire, romance and magic. Vocabulary oil Reading 1 How many of these expressions do you know? Then read the article Which is shown in the photo above?