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Habbo is over a decade old launching in 2000 which makes it one of the longest lasting ga...[Read More]Gaia Online is a social MMO that started out as a forum based experience.

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The virtual life games and websites like IMVU that you will find here offer great online (no download/without download) and free alternatives to IMVU.These games offer great social experiences while also allowing huge amounts of avatar customisation.All you need is the latest version of the popular Adobe Shockwave Player web plugin. Immerse yourself in the Socio Town virtual world with just a few clicks! There are a wide asortment of activities such as fishing, bug catching, missions, and much more!Work your way up the social ladder by working at a variety of jobs and upgrading your apartment.IMVU is available online and for free which has made it very accessible and popular.

In the universe of IMVU you can choose to focus entirely on content creation or use it as a place to meet new people with similar interests thanks to the community features in IMVU.The game has an impressive list of features and also has regular events for players to participate in.Play Socio Town for FREE in your browser right now.Back by a large and dedicated community the game creates a great experience.Go Jiyo lets you do all the activities that you can on other websites and includes the ability to create your own personalised avatar, meet new people, visit strange new lands and much more.The game launched back in 2007 in Germany and has slowly expanded into other regions, now covering multiple languages.