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He does other things, like researching and buying things I need or asking me to take a walk. If you notice your wife is feeling blue, do something special, even if it’s sitting and watching a movie with her or giving her a neck rub. Too many times we get used to what our spouses do that we expect it.Yes, you should always ask if she’d prefer that you keep everyone out while she sleeps (but usually that’s a man thing and women prefer to have sympathetic company). If you take a moment to reflect, you will find something to be grateful for and saying it will open doors.

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For those twenty-two years I’ve communicated with readers all over the world who are struggling in their relationships. Marriage is probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But when it’s done right, it’ll also be the most rewarding. Desire to change is the first thing required to make her fall in love with you all over again.

I have four sisters who are married, most longer than twenty years, two married daughters, and I have been married for nearly thirty years. You may just find that she wants the very same thing. Because with very few exceptions, you get back exactly what you put into anything in life.

If you are not willing to ask for what you need, it may be impossible to “remagick” your marriage. I’m betting that 98% of the time, you will be wrong. It’s not asking permission, it’s a courtesy both partners should extend to the other.

You won’t know exactly what she is feeling or what drives her actions. So ask her, and then repeat back to her what you understand. Let your wife know if you’re going to be later than usual getting home.

And whatever you plan for restitution or to reduce future occurrences. When most people apologize, they say things like, “I’m sorry I did ____, but when you did ____, I got hurt/mad/sad.” Bad behavior doesn’t excuse other bad behavior. Especially because it often will go back to the mind reading thing again.

If you didn’t tell your wife something that hurt you, you can’t expect her to know why you’re upset.That means if your spouse really cares about something, you need to try to care about it, or at least try to understand it.It doesn’t mean you give up your hobbies or goals or desires. This is the first step that goes hand-in-hand with all the other steps.Because a relationship does take two people who want to remain in the relationship.I’ve been in the romance business long enough to know that these steps work both ways, but I’m entitling this post “how to make HER fall in love with you all over again” because I’m a woman, and I have more experience with how women feel and what they want.But if you’re a woman reading this, every one of these steps can also be used to remagic your relationship with your husband too.