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With the release of the Nike Free x Metcon you now have 3 outstanding options for a cross training shoe in 2019.And the Nike Free x Metcon is going to be the runner’s choice in cross training shoes in 2019. For the midsole strap, a larger, more durable TPU strap is used, and it is integrated with the laces.The shoe features bootie construction – like the last one – but includes a pull tab on the heel. New for 2018, the Nike Free x Metcon shoe combines the lightweight flexibility of the Nike Free running shoe line with the durability and stability of Nike Metcon shoes. The Nike Free x Metcon 2 will be available April 2nd, 2019 at Nike Online and retailers worldwide.You can also see the wrap-around sole at the center.

That’s how the shoe handles those brutal rope climbs.

Their innovative designs and diversity of options make your training better – allowing you to reach your personal goals faster. This is an interval workout method closely tied to Cross Fit and other popular training methods. New for 2019, the Nike Metcon Sport (.99 at Rogue Fitness) takes the Metcon shoe line in a radical new direction.

Start the clock or timer On the start of the minute, perform the chosen exercise for the specified number of reps Rest for the remainder of the minute Repeat for as many intervals as required A simple example: Perform 10 deadlifts with 225 lbs, every minute on the minute for 10 minutes total. The Nike Metcon Sport gives you the stability to lift heavy weights but offers more agility than any previous Nike Metcon shoe.

Nike Free x Metcon – Great Deals Now The Nike Free X Metcon 2 is here – and that means retailers are clearing out stock of the previous model. In fact, not only does it wrap the midfoot, but the heel as well – for providing a locked in feel and improved stability.

Find great deals on the Nike Free X Metcon shoe (2018) at Rogue Fitness.. The midsole is firmer – which should make this new version of the shoe better for lifting weights.

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