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Not only does smoking cause cancer, increase your risk of heart attack, ruin your teeth, and reduce your lifespan, it is also proven to cause sagging in breasts! Now I’ve jumped up 2 cup sizes, no pregnancy or boob-jobs involved. So, if your breasts haven’t filled out yet, there’s definitely still time.In fact, it has been said to be one of the most prominent causes for sagging breasts. [Read: Nipple-gasms, more facts, and why YOUR boobs are perfectly normal!

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It doesn’t seem to matter which gender you are, when it comes down to it, we’re all obsessed with the same thing: boobies. We know, we know, as if you didn’t already have a million reasons to love boobs, but without further ado, here are 11 fascinating facts about what women have got under their shirts.

Men stare at them because they’re fun to look at, and women stare at them to find the perfect pair she wish she had. #1 Breasts are not symmetrical One of the biggest misconceptions about boobs that both men and women get *thanks XXX movies and media* is that each pair is identical. Have you ever noticed how your pregnant girlfriends are suddenly sporting massive boobies? According to Discovery Health, the majority of the female breasts -pregnant or not- is made from milk and tissue!The site has plenty of things to do like games, competitions, chat, you can join a club, get a penpal from the other side of the world, the girls give advice to women who are troubled and need help.They're up to date on the latest goss on celebrities and much more. you have a secret crush on somebody, but aren't sure what to do about it? Recently launched, this fun site can turn a secret crush into a real romance.No matter who you are or what medium you view them in: books, illustration, real life… In fact, one breast is usually larger than the other. That’s right, the average female breast contains anywhere from 15-25 milk glands that interweave with milk ducts and connective tissue!Florence Williams’ book about breasts totes that one breast may be 1/5 of a cup size larger than its counterpart. [Read: 25 common myths from porn that most people still believe] #2 Breasts are not your friend if you exercise Any runners can attest to this fact. So the next time your pregnant friend pops out a kid and turns her 32A’s into 34D’s…[Read: 9 easy ways to get your boobs noticed without looking trashy] #5 The average breast size By now, we should all be aware that there are no “average” breasts around, right? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest all-natural breasts on record belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner who is sporting a US size 52I!