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It confers parental responsibility, which can be exercised to the exclusion of any other person with parental responsibility apart from another special guardian.

The special guardian has responsibility for day to day decisions relating to a child's care and upbringing.

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The court must have the benefit of the local authority report dealing with the suitability of the applicant and any other matters that the local authority consider relevant before it can make an order (Children Act 1989, section 14A(8), (9).This order discharges any existing care order or related section 34 Contact Order.You can make an application on your own or jointly with another person.The following people may apply to be special guardians A parent of a child may not be appointed as the child's special guardian. We have a dedicated UK support Team there to help you We utilise award winning software to safeguard you online*Free introductory messaging not available in Naughty Pond - We want your dating experience with us to be the best.

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It may also help to give the young person links to their birth parents too if deemed appropriate.

The regulations say that the local authority report should include certain key information about the child such as: This assessment determines whether a person has a need for special support services and whether the Local Authority can offer this service.

A special guardianship order is an order appointing one or more individuals to be a child's 'special guardian'.

It is a private law order made under the Children Act 1989 and is intended for those children who cannot live with their birth parents and who would benefit from a legally secure placement.

It may be possible to make an application to your Local Authority for a Special Guardianship Allowance.