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So I get why people have to label it—how can you be this close without it being sexual? But, once again, just like in any partnership, particularly when a duo are perceived as two peas in a pod, does it bother one when the other gets most of the glory? "If I didn't think I brought something to the table, or if I wasn't secure enough with myself then maybe it would bother me. Private jets, fabulous vacations, perfect parties, the parade of A-list pals, all those impeccably tricked-out homes.

How else can you explain a level of intimacy where someone always loves you, always respects you, admires you? Oprah continued, "Wants the best for you in every single situation of your life. Or worse, when one's glory is attributed to the other's supreme gloriousness? But you know, I've been anchoring the news for a long time. Twenty years after Winfrey snatched up two sweaters, her spontaneous purchase during a day of shopping with King was a black Bentley. And just as Winfrey was the kind of friend who invited you to stay over during a storm back when she didn't have much, so she became the kind of friend who set aside a "Gayle wing" in her house once she had acquired a lot. "There is a line of respect that is unspoken, on both our parts."Moreover, Gayle has "never asked me for a dime.

As we continue to find out that certain people we once looked at with reverence (or at least without disgust) are not what they seemed, and that others we never thought much of are even worse, it's nice to have friends you can always count on, people you really know—people you can share your thought process with, you've figured out what's right and what's wrong, when you need to face a million strangers and say the right thing.

And this week especially, we're glad that Gayle King has Oprah Winfrey.

Gayle did go on to do correspondent work for , the question was only "why did this take so long? " King—unless she happens to be mentioning Winfrey—is her own star, one who holds her own in every arena, particularly in front of the cameras (as she did just today in light of a heartbreaking scandal that hit home).

In 2012, Oprah said on (she has popped up on occasion) about Gayle, "There is not a better human being in the world as far as I'm concerned.

"I like them to have teeth, their natural teeth," the recent honoree of 100 Most Influential People, said on the show. I now see that tattoos have become very mainstream. "Oprah said something to me once [that] you guys will get a kick out of.

I used to be very judgemental about it, like "oh, biker, criminal...'" As her co-hosts burst into laughter at this objectively quasi-judgemental assessment, King emphasized: "I've evolved! " looking for in a partner, saying that her biggest priority is laughter. I want somebody you can have a conversation with and isn't all hung up on what you do, because Oprah said something to me once, you guys you'll get a kick out of. a guy is going to look at you and say there's nothing I can do for her.' I go, but I'm not looking for a guy who can do something for me.In 2006 she opened up about her 11-year marriage by explaining, “I was married to a cheater . yesterday (April 29), Gayle King discussed the relationship non-starters she'd held onto over the years–along with the ones she's let go. " She added that she feels that she's evolved, "because it used to be that tattoos were a deal-breaker, tattoos and piercings... I want somebody you can have a conversation with and isn't all hung up on what you do." She then shared a piece of advice Oprah once gave her about dating. For Gayle's 60th birthday, Oprah flew her entire family out for a surprise celebration—in Hawaii. There is a level of mutual respect that comes from being with somebody you know doesn't want anything from you but you. I have to say, this would have been a much different relationship had that ever happened. In a way, our friendship is better than a marriage or a sexual relationship," Winfrey, who's been involved with partner Stedman Graham for more than 30 years, said in 2006.