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3: Use the Way Back Machine Even if the page you're trying to access was not hosted on Geocities and has been down for years, there's still hope.

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Now you can be a little bit less frustrated next time you get the dreaded 404 error!After a weekend of intensively using and closely watching Neocities, I’d like to put down some first observations: First thing first.Have you ever been researching something and come across a website that looks like it's exactly what you're looking for, only to click the link and find that it doesn't exist anymore?Unfortunately, the Internet changes quickly, and things as simple as reorganizing a site can completely invalidate any existing links -- even if the information is still there!On Google, there's a teensy little down arrow next to the page's URL (in green). (Google likes to move this option around, so if it's not there, poke around and see if it's somewhere nearby.) Bing has a similar little arrow; Yahoo is the sensible one and just has the word "cached" next to the URL.

If the page won't come up in a Google search or the version in the cache also gives a 404 error or doesn't contain all the information you needed, though, you'll have to try a different method.

2: Access old Geocities pages This is a very specific technique, but if you happen to want the contents of a page starting with know that Yahoo permanently deleted all the contents of this former free web hosting service.

A lot of it was junk, yes, but there was also some very useful information on Geocities websites.

When Yahoo bought Geocities, they only offered vanity profiles and discontinued neighborhoods and suburbs.

Users became isolated, it was the beginning of the end. As everywhere else on the web, pages with naked ladies are the most visited.

Sheldon Wai, web page maker from Hong Kong, wrote in 1997: “Anime has been one of the reasons the Internet has grown so quickly in the recent years”.