Gerber mk ii dating system

The blade measures 6.5 inches and it has an overall length of 12.75 inches.The handle is made of aluminum and it weighs 8 ounces. Gerber 22-01874 Mark IIAt a Glance: ATTRIBUTESBlade Detail: Combo Edge Double Serration Blade Length (inches):6.88Blade Material:420HC Black Carry System: Nylon Sheath Handle Material: Aluminum Overall Length (inches):12.75Special Features: Serialized See all Product Description By : Gerber List Price : ,yes ..! you can get special suprise for Gerber 22-01874 Mark II Knife with Aluminum Handle, Black.While in the Air Force I often found myself pondering picking up a Mark 2 from the BX.

They were made of L-6 tool steel instead of the usual commercial-grade stainless.There was a little extra brochure in the box that told of the differences, and of the need to keep the blade oiled to prevent easy rusting. numbers/LETTERS on back: G1030STHANX IN ADVANCE FELLERZ Looks like a Mk I. You can date it to within 21 years because that's how long they were made. They kept track of the S/Ns on the MK-IIs but not the MK-1s.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

But perhaps much more importantly, when I was afraid and alone, my Gerber was a great comfort in a way that the M16 can never be. You don't have to worry about it jamming or not functioning. Make no mistake, this knife is not good for ANYTHING but killing. If you are a steely eyed killer (or just wanna-be) and want a deadly knife, this should be your first choice (for a fencer design). I just recieved the NEW Gerber mark II knife I purchased from a amazon seller..

It has a very thick, flattened diamond cross section and while it's extremely sharp, the geometry prevents it from cutting well. Stab deeply into another human being and rip them wide open. The knife is perfect for it's intended use.."fighting" whether it be self defense or otherwise this knife will be more than enough to get the job done.will bemoan the 440hc as a lesser steel,it's not a camp it a chopper type survival knife.only has to stay sharp from one encounter to the next..

Deadly, strong point, sharp blade, and a killing spike pommel (shaped for making indention fractures in a human skull). The new one appears to be exactly the same weapon with adark blade. I have carried the same Mk II from the time I bought it in 1982 until I retired from the military. When you are "in harm's way", just gripping the handle can make you feel dangerous (especially when you desperately need to feel that way).

While I only had to use it for it's intended purpose once, it really did the job..better than expected. I have owned literally thousands of knives but I always bet my life on the Mk II.

You can tell it's the V-1 logo because The handle is what's referred to as Black Armorhide. monk- i thought it was that one at 1st research i found that the one you showed is a "COMMAND 1" very very similar ... great info and HELP gonna try to re-profile it soon.......