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(A similar story is related of Jesus Christ.) In Indian art Krishna literally means “The Black.” (In early Christian art Jesus is almost invariably represented as a Black man.) Buddha Buddha was born of a virgin name Maya, or Mary. He was visited by wise men who acknowledged his divinity.

The life of Buddha was sought by King Bimbasara, who feared that some day the child would endanger his throne.

This is a list of notable people who have been said to be a messiah, either by themselves or by their followers.

At the age of twelve, Buddha excelled the learned men of the temple in knowledge and wisdom.

His ancestry was traced back to Maha Sammata, the first monarch in the world.

His birth is pictured on the inner walls of the Temple of Amen in Thebes.

Mithra, a Persian sun-god, was virgin-born, in a cave, on December 25.

A lot of us like to think that the Bible is the original, absolute, inviolate word of God.

But that comes into question when we realize that many of the biblical stories occur in other, older religions.It makes using law of attraction easier when we know how malleable our beliefs are; how flexible our rituals, and even how ancient and diverse are our gods.Here are just a few of the parallels between Horus, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and 27 more (and this is a long article) Horus The Legend of Horus is one of the most ancient myths in Egypt, and it was central to the ancient Egyptian state religion.Osiris, the father of Horus, was another virgin-born god of ancient Egypt.His Sufferings, Death, and Resurrection were celebrated in an annual mystery-play at Abydos, on about March 25, an approximation of the Vernal Equinox, i.e. The Pharaoh Amenhotep III, of the seventeenth dynasty, was hailed as the son of the virgin Mutemua.He is pictured in Indian art as hanging on a cross with arms extended. Thomas Inman, a celebrated authority on pagan and Christian symbolism, states that: “Christna, whose history so closely resembles our Lord’s, was also like him in his being crucified.”) Krishna was pierced by an arrow while hanging on the cross.