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They elaborated further by saying, " represents a fantasy romance drama that crosses in between the parallel worlds of South Korea and the Korean Empire and Kim Go-Eun will challenge herself to a double role with a South Korean detective, Jeong Tae-Eul, and a character called Luna, who lives a low life as a criminal of the Korean Empire."With the leads secured, filming is expected to commence in the latter half of 2019 and we can estimate the drama to air during the first half of 2020.

When Korean actress Lee Min Jung announced her marriage to actor Lee Byung Hun, many dubbed them as the perfect celebrity couple.

I don’t remember the days when my life was without him.” She adds that her husband, who had starred in Hollywood action flicks , her first drama after becoming a mother.

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Lee Min Jung is the granddaughter of Park No Soo, a renowned painter.She married actor Lee Byung Hun in 2013 and they have one son.She admits that as a working mother, it is hard to be away from her son.“Work-life balance is a goal that nobody really achieves.Details of his upcoming drama are being released slowly and it looks like things are coming along nicely for the star.

Recently, it has been confirmed by Studio Dragon Corporation, a South Korean drama production company under CJ Entertainment, that 28-year-old actress Kim Go-Eun will be starring opposite Lee.

Kim is most known for her starring role in the mega hit K-drama, revolves around the idea of parallel worlds whereby a door to an alternate universe opens when god set devil free in the human world.

Due to multiple worlds being involved, the production house was looking for an actress with great character versatility.

Talking about the joys of being a first-time parent, she says: “It’s life-changing – our lifestyle, the places we dine at, the time we go to bed.

People start talking to you about your child more than the beauty products you are using.

“I’ve always wanted to be fully ready to be a mum, but I realised no matter how much preparation you make, you will never be fully ready.