Google updating street view

Google street view has for years helped tourists plan their trip, visit various landmarks, and choose the right accommodation.

However, Matterport is the best solution for large and complex places because it is easy to scan and automates the otherwise time-consuming process of capturing and connecting individual 360˚ panoramas. “See Inside” was the name of an older Google program that differentiated interior tours and car-based captures.

Now the entire program is called Street View, even if the location is inside a building. Content that is published through the Street View API does not go through the same face or license plate blurring algorithms as Google Street View on roads.

See the Street View Gallery for examples of the experience you should expect.

For indoor photography, Matterport is one of several options photographers and venue owners can choose.

The Google Street View (beta) panel will automatically appear in the "Apps" tab for each space in my.

Any admin, or a collaborator with edit access to the 3D Space, can publish the Space to Google Street View.It is available on both Google Earth and the mobile version of Google Maps.Google says they are aware of the need for constant map updates, which helps users to better navigate and facilitates travel planning.Street View offers an additional image removal feature.Users can use the "Report a Problem" button in the bottom right corner of each image.Google Street View is a 360˚ pano-to-pano experience.