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Thoughts of grad school, travel, and moving are pretty distant.

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One thing I find I find amusing is that the prevailing assumption that the older professor is a male. I had a friend as an undergrad who was a 6'5" athlete and really handsome and he ended up "dating" one of his professors and being bemused that she even did his laundry for him.

On the other hand, I know a professor really well who met a student at least 20 years younger on a field research trip abroad, married him, and brought him home.

Last month, Harper Collins published a book by Northwestern University media studies professor Laura Kipnis entitled “Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus.” The book has received coverage in the New York Times, National Public Radio, The New Yorker and other major publications.

Kipnis, a feminist cultural critic, wrote the book after being hit with complaints under Title IX, accused by two graduate students of creating a hostile environment at the school because she wrote an essay criticizing the restriction on professor-student relationships as infantilizing to students.

Two consenting single adults should be able to make decisions freely and willingly.

I've never understood the special taboo that this dynamic has - perhaps people presume it's married faculty having affairs or there's a social carryover from other teacher dynamics?

I used to have crushes on the Profs in my department too, as did my other friends in their respective graduate programs, and I think we still do hold a high level of admiration, respect, and trust towards those Professors.

Is it really not possible for Professor-student romances to have a happy ending? I'm married to a college classmate, but there are at least a half-dozen faculty at my school who are married to their own former students.

She maintains that such policies increase the power of administrators over student lives, and are paternalistic rather than feminist.

In the ensuing investigation, Kipnis “uncovered an astonishing netherworld of accused professors and students, campus witch hunts, rigged investigations, and Title IX officers run amuck.

As regards advice, there is a difference between giving advice and living life.