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It can happen indeed that her past or even present is darker than you expected. There are lots and lots of decent Russian girls, faithful, well-educated and naturally beautiful so you shouldn’t miss a chance.

Yes, Russian everyday reality can be sad and their moral principles are somewhat weaker than those of Ukrainian and Belorussian girls. Always choose a survival instead of being someone’s victim.

Russia and Ukraine are known not only for outstanding cultural legacy but also for beautiful and incredibly charming women.

It is considered modern and decent to say the opposite but this feeling is out of control. We men have to learn how to relax and calm down in such cases.

Therefore it’s no surprise that after conquering your hot Russian chick, you start wondering whether she is so easily achievable to everyone. One part of you doesn’t want to even think this way. Her easy virtue and reputation can be checked at any moment.

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Marrying a Slavic woman or even simply spending a lot of time and money on a relationship with her isn’t an easy thing and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Various tutorials, guides, and tips are certainly needed. We cannot conquer the women in a way we did in the stone age.Well actually yes, and you cannot miss any of them if you don’t want to start it all over again.But if you’re wise and persistent enough you’ll easily get a Russian girlfriend.You are going to rate yourself and your masculinity depending on her quality so better analyze it well.It won’t be difficult if you already understood the nuances of her culture and can compare her to the others with a clear mind.The next question is, how to get her sleep with you?