Gui gui and aaron yan are dating

The series won several awards on the 47th Golden Bell Awards including Best Actress; Best Actor; and Best Television Series.

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It was produced by Comic International Productions and was first broadcast in Taiwan on cable TV Gala Television Variety Show/CH 28 on 26 November 2005 to .Before this drama was aired there was not much interests in it, due to the storyline and unfamiliar cast.Li Qin Ai is a magazine photographer who is happy with her career and her relationship with her boyfriend, Zhou Li Yang.She has tried hard to forget her first love, Dai Hai An, after they broke up 10 years ago.I think Gui Gui did exceptionally well in this drama. She was only on screen for like three minutes before her character got beat up by the Chivalries! Gui Gui is truly impressive in this drama। If you follow her in her variety show, you might notice that Tian Mo Xing is very similiar to Gui Gui. Hey Girl consisted of seven other girls, and often collaborate with the popular Taiwanese boy band, Lollipop.

Gui Gui has also successfully completed filming "Mysterious Incredible Terminator (Pi Li MIT)" with Aaron Yan.

In the bathroom, on the sofa, under her bed, on her bed. So far, I've seen her in 3 dramas (Brown Sugar Macchiato, The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries, Pi Li MIT) and Brown Sugar Macchiato is where the infamous couple, Gui Wang(Gui Gui Wangzi), was born. A lot of people, including me, doubted her in the beginning when it was announced that she was going to be cast with Arron. The tears, the camera view of her face, the camera view of Arron's face, it all fits together perfectly.

Their storyline is the typical hyper girl going after the cool and smart guy. He uses his eyes more than he uses his voice to display his emotions. Don't stare at his eyes because they're full of emotion, and if you get stuck in them, I can't help you. She played a minor character in The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries! (I watched BSM and TLBSC a few weeks before Pi Li MIT was aired) I was an Arron-Hebe supporter before and I thought nothing could deviate me from supporting this couple! Damien from Catch Me Now was right: Nothing in life is certain. Gui Gui originates from the girl group "Hei Se Hui Mei Mei", which later changed its name to "Hey Girl".

On the May 6, 2009, Andy Ge announced to the press that Gui Gui will not be renewing her contract with Channel V, and that her involvement with Hey Girl will have to be clarified with Warner Music, as Hey Girl do not belong to Channel V.

Having joined Joined CCTV 东森综合台 (Dong Sen) TV Station, Gui Gui is currently hosting Golden Taxi (黃金計程車) along side 梁赫群, 趙正平 and 瑤瑤 (Yao Yao).

Gong Xi then meet Dun He Lian, another actor in her agency, who is also her childhood friend.