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Race X appears to have mastered teleportation technology, as they can teleport around Black Mesa and have installed at least one Xen crystal-powered teleportation device on Xen.

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Alex character I thought was a typical tough girl thing and I was a big fan of her.I loved the part in doctor Kliners lab I thought it was amazing and so well done.Half life 2 didn't really give any answers to any of the questions ask in half life 1, which is not a problem and didn't bug me at all.I actually like the overall story I just not sure I loved the way the did it. Meanwhile a race of aliens known as the combine enslaved Earth and is devouring its resources. This also adds red goggle-wearing Nova Prospekt guards to the PC version of Half-Life 2.

After previously causing portals to open between worlds, Gordon released a race of aliens from enslavement on Xen and was placed into stasis by a mysterious figure known only as the G-Man. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... As of the May 26, 2010 updates, Shotgun Soldiers appear in Half-Life 2 and Episode One on PCs as well as consoles.

GAMEPLAY 10/10 - Know questions ask half life 2 has some of the best most crafted and unique gameplay up todate.

There's so many different way to approach combat situations.

After the fall of the first fortress G-Man places Gordon back into stasis. It set the standard for all fps's, everything was compared to to that game.

In an early version of the game script, Gordon was to receive a briefing by Eli Vance via slides to fill him in on what had happened in between the large gap of time he had been gone. It turn fps games into what they are have half life to thank for games being what they are half life 2 do the same thing?

I also loved the doctor Breen parts, I just would have liked it if it had been more like the first one where your really not sure whats going on or where you are.