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But one thing’s for sure: with so many principal actors finishing their scenes, the end truly is near.

“It’s starting to sink in,” she said when I asked her how she felt about the imminent end of the show. I feel so lucky to have been a part of the show for so long. And it may also be a wrap on Sansa, although that one’s less certain. Murray had a lot of other interesting things to say, all of which you’ll be able to watch when we get back from Con of Thrones. At one point, I asked her which actors she’d enjoyed working with most apart from John Bradley, who’s been her consistent scene partner since the beginning. “There are a few from season 8 that I can’t actually mention.”So there you have it: after six seasons spent pretty much exclusively with Sam and her child, Gilly will expand her social circle come next year.

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After then she started to appear in numerous movies and television series including ‘In Bruges’, ‘Chatroom’, ‘Above Suspicion: the Red Dahlia’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and much more.

She played the role of Prostitute in the movie ‘In Bruges’ but her scene has been deleted.

She got selected and made her debut with the series.

She appeared as the main cast in ‘Skins’ for 19 episodes.

She is also commonly known as Cassie Ainsworth for her role in teen drama series ‘Skins’.

Talking about her early life she was born on 1Her father, Martin Murray is a professor in University and her mother, Rosemary Silvester is research technician. Regarding her education, she studied at Queens College, Cambridge where she earned a degree in English and later joined North Bristol Post 16 Centre.

So we suppose that she is still vacant, but this does not mean she is not dating anyone, does it?

She may be keeping her private life far away from the spotlight and enjoying her life with her boyfriend.

She is active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She has more than 2311 followers on Facebook, she has 122k followers on Instagram and has more than 10.8k followers on Twitter.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Hannah Murray (Gilly), and she said basically the same thing. The final day was definitely very emotional because you’re having to say goodbye to a lot of people.