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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Mary Martha Truman The papers of Nancy Bentley consist mostly of letters written by Mary Martha Truman to Bentley between 18.

Harrisonville, Missouri (population: 10019) had 0 hail reports within 10 miles of the city center located at (38.65334, -94.34884) in 2019.Friend of Mary Martha Truman and Margaret Ellen Truman Noland The papers of Nancy Bentley consist of correspondence sent to Bentley by Mary Martha Truman and Margaret Ellen Truman Noland from 1882 to 1891. Yon (2004) as part of the Truman Library Internship Program.Also included in the Subject File are copies of nine photographs of Mary Martha Truman and others, most of which were taken during her years at Stephens College.More information concerning Mary Martha Truman is available at the Truman Library in the papers of Mary Ethel Noland, which include a diary Mary Martha kept during her visit to the Columbian Exposition (World's Fair) in Chicago in 1893.During the War, approximately 2.5 million Americans served and 58,300 were killed in service.

At the end of the war approximately 2,500 more were listed as prisoners of war or missing in action.Most letters are filled with her dreams of finding a suitor and the dissatisfaction associated with being an unmarried school teacher in the late nineteenth century.The early letters in the collection have a much more optimistic tone; however, as the years pass by, Mary Martha comes to the realization that she may never marry.The correspondence documents personal developments in the life of Mary Martha Truman and her relations with family and friends. Copyright: The Library received no donation of copyright from the donor of this collection. Supervising Archivists: Randy Sowell and Amy Williams.The papers also include notes concerning the letters, correspondence regarding the collection, and photographs. Due to the nature of the correspondence between Mary Martha Truman and Nancy Bentley, what exists provides little information as to the biographical details pertaining to Nancy Bentley.One especially significant letter is dated April 7, 1885, and was written from Harrisonville, Missouri, where Mary Martha was staying with her brother John Anderson Truman and his wife, Martha Ellen Truman.