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While most men agree they are cute, many write them off as being too transactional.

In their article we will discuss the unique dating factors related to Cuban women at play in Havana.

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The rainy season is considered to occur from May to October, and the dry season from November through April.Cold fronts do occur in the dry season, and temperature swings are common.When I can connect to Facebook, sometimes I can’t see photos because the connection is so bad. We want to know and understand and see the world.” The butchery where he works often runs out of meat in the first seven to 10 days of the month, so he usually has a lot of free time. (He and many other people I talked to asked that only their first names be used.) He wore a gold chain with a serpent on it and paused his phone conversation to tell me, “I’m talking to a friend in Canada. The next day, near the Malecón, I found men clustered on benches around a metal sculpture called “Primavera” by the Cuban artist Rafael San Juan.“I don’t work much, but I make about 10 CUC per month. Abner Ruíz, 24, told me, “I'm talking to my girlfriend. She lives in Los Angeles and visits me twice a year.” A kitten ran under our feet as we talked, and in the corner of the park two police stood guard with a large, muzzled German Shepherd.The island of Cuba has been mostly closed off from society for the past decades – leaving the general infrastructure outdated, streets filled with cars dating back to as early as ’20’s, and their culture still fully intact.

With a population over 11 million, and with a stretch of 760 mi/1223 km from coast to coast, Cuba boasts vast landscapes and much left to be explored.In 2014, the Cuban government opened 237 wi-fi hotspots for “public and social” use of the internet in parks and other public spaces.Access is expensive relative to Cuban salaries, but for many Havanans, the wi-fi is a lifeline to friends and family off the island.“News reporting problems of unrest in Venezuela is fake news,” announced the Cuban TV anchor as I drank my guava juice, mentally reviewing all the images of Venezuelan protesters I had seen.They said the wi-fi connection was bad, but they were thankful to be able to communicate with family members living abroad.Walking back from the Malecón, I chatted with Ovi Domínguez, 43, who works in a state-run butchery.The capital will provide the beginner traveler to Cuba all they need to immerse themselves in the culture, and discover what this island has to offer.