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(Only the 2016 Boston-area patient, Thomas Manning, who was 64 at the time of his surgery, allowed his name and picture into the press in hopes of destigmatizing genital injuries and accidents.

They were also able to share a number of details about their patients’ actual experiences of recovery, sensation and function, and psychological integration after receiving a new donor penis.

Although it may seem odd, the doctors all told us that they actually expected, going into these procedures, that their patients would probably regain penile functions and sensations, including sexual sensations, better and faster than many patients having their own penises reattached.

But recently, we got to speak to some of the doctors who performed America’s first two penile transplant procedures.

They were able to tell us quite a bit, in general, about their expectations for their patients’ post-transplant experiences going into the surgeries.

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Recovery takes time, so it can be years until there is something meaningful to say on the topic.

Three of the four patients who have undergone the procedure have requested that their doctors and the media reserve their anonymity for entirely understandable reasons.

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“You have to shorten things” to compensate for damage, he explains, “and you can’t really tell the extent of the injury sometimes,” so that rejiggering of tissue can be a little rough. “A transplant is a much more controlled situation,” Redett says.