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I can't imagine never knowing him, let alone not having him in my life.Rob is a faithful man that walks in his faith everyday, and it is nice to have a man that I can respect and trust completely.These romantic symbols have been a constant theme throughout these months and reflected in our wedding in our colour scheme and flowers.

Laughter has played a large part in our ongoing relationship.We enjoy praying together and sharing our faith in Christ.Lewis even drove 6 hours just to meet me on New Year's Day. There was one wrong detail in the story it said I (Nadine) was on Christian for 9 months, but really I was on Christian since July 2010.Verde Independent article Nadine-curlygirl839 & Bruce-photoman523 March 2011 I had a brief trial membership and decided not to pursue membership/dating through Christian However, I was unsure for sometime as it seemed we had lived very different lives, with me having travelled widely and with family had lived abroad whereas John had lived all his life apart from holidays in the same city.

It was 2 of my granddaughters as well as a Christian friend who encouraged me to continue with the friendship when I was seriously thinking of discontinuing it.As I was leaving the room my elder son called me back and said ‘Dad you have a reply’!To my amazement it was non other than the lady I had set eyes on. We lived only one hours bus journey away from one another and so began a weekly meeting with one another.John writes: Little did I know that 55 years ago when I first tied the knot in marriage that I would be tying it for a second time on April 22 this year after being widowed for 6 years. Although I found her photo to be very attractive, of much greater importance was her profile.In it she had shared what seemed to be a very full, active and interesting life.Very soon on I realised this was the woman I wanted to marry.