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Parents and churches have a responsibility to help children know they have gifts, talents, and inspiration that are not only welcome in the community, they are vital to it.If children feel like Christianity is just following other people, it will not be relevant to them as they grow.Books have been written, and special classes are held in churches designed help parents understand how to “keep your children Christian” through college.

It is also the most powerful opportunity for a parent to grow in their faith, to experience Christianity again through young eyes.

Parents who are engaged and active in a church community are more likely to have children who find ways to participate in the Christian community at large.

We need more of “God gave you to me and I am doing my best to honor that gift by raising you well.” We need less of “God says to obey me, and you are disobeying God.”Christians see themselves as “apart from the world, ” but that is so we can help the world, not be afraid of it.

Christian parents who constantly talk about the world as an evil, malevolent, and dangerous place which must be avoid as much as possible, it paints a grim view of the future for young adults wanting to find their own place in life.

A person’s faith must be their own, and often that means they have to depart from it for a time. When a child looks at their parents, they see their future.

The bottom line is that the best way to make sure your children will grow up in Christ, is if you are growing in Christ.

” Even the best parents can find themselves wanting some divine backup in a conflict with their children.

However, using God for intimidation in a conflict with children has two major issues.

How a parent behaves in their faith is more important than what they tell their children about their faith.

A parent can be the best apologetics scholar in the world, they will not win over their child while they are spiritually depressed.

His family and church started grooming her with their beliefs, so she would fit nicely into their family belief system and eventually marry.