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Love is as essential to our existence as oxygen is to the air that we breathe.

Chaturthi – Lord Ganesha Ekadashi – Goddess Mahashivratri – Lord Shiva Gokulashtami – Lord Krishna Vat Pournima – this fast is done only by married women to increase the lifespan of their husbands.

Ganesh Jayanti – Lord Ganesha Guru Pournima – Lord Dattatreya An Ideal Way of Fasting in Hinduism: According to ancient Hinduism tradition, one should fast once in a week with remaining empty stomach until afternoon. In the afternoon one should have fruit juice or one or two fruits (This privilege is given because remaining empty stomach for a long time can increase acidity and lower blood sugar and blood pressure.

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In addition to that, some people need to do hard labor throughout the day.

In such a situation, it is very hard to remain empty stomach for the whole day.

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The timing for the fast is from sunrise to sunset or else 12 a.m. If you eat nonveg on the day of fasting, it is useless to fast.