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Best Email According to Paysafe research, nearly 60 percent of Americans feel that becoming victims of fraud is inevitable when shopping online.

While 67 percent of American businesses expect that tighter security measures would result in a loss of online shoppers, the report suggests that 58 percent of consumers would accept and use any available measure to eliminate fraud, and that 71 percent of consumers would be open to somewhat more stringent verification methods, such as two-step authentication.

But as the payment world evolves, it is this knowledge that will make individuals more secure.

The evolution of big data will make payments smarter and easier, and help to redress the balance between security and convenience.

Many merchants have two conflicting goals when balancing risk and revenue generation, according to the report: The report also suggests that fraud prevention is a top priority among 73 percent of businesses, with 47 percent of businesses saying that more than 5 percent of their transactions are fraudulent.

The report indicates that eight out of 10 businesses expect to spend more on fraud in the next year or two, usually by more than 11 percent.

We had such a great time shooting for these lovebirds who showed so much tender care towards each other throughout the shoot!

The Proposal Jun Wei might just have set the bar too high for guys who are planning a proposal.

Many simply enjoy a larger pool of people with no specific parameters.

However, others are quite rigid in their specific requirements of a significant other- whether it be religion, lifestyle, ethnicity or even hobbies.

Eden Sher was very good in the film but I thought played the exact same character from The Middle except not as nice and fragile, Mindy,the character she played,was though a bit more tuff to be honest.