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You are more likely to get killed in Honduras than in some Venezuelan cities. Here’s my point: Date Honduran girls at your own risk and appreciate your time in a dangerous candy store… I also bet that your parents have never been to this country (unless they were born there). But hey, maybe you don’t believe me because everyone says that you can’t find anyone who speaks English in this country.

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The big selling point for Roatan is how tourist friendly it is.People from all over the world come for the dives and white sands.In 2012, I went out to experience the nightlife and it was badass, now everybody stays home and you should too.When the sun goes down, the shops close for a reason.The difference between the two is that for every one sexy woman you find in Honduras you can find five more in the “friendlier” Colombia.

This is not a fear mongering post, to keep tourists away so I can keep the Hondurian women to myself.

But I can’t date her because I don’t want to get fat. Here’s how it usually works for the women of Honduras: They meet a guy who’s not a gang member, not on parole, and not a drug dealer.

Two weeks later they meet the parents, grandparents and the other hundred relatives.

Maybe you want to make her your girlfriend or wife. All I know is that the women in this country are beautiful. Why should she ever leave you if the alternative to love and happiness with you is violence and despair?

I mean, why would you want to go there when you can spend a romantic weekend on the island of Roatan? You want to spend a romantic weekend with one of the sexy Honduran girls you can meet on Latin American Cupid. She doesn’t want a bad boy because she’s seen enough bad things in her life. No matter if you’re looking for a bride, a girlfriend, or a lover…there’s one thing you need to know about dating in this country.

In general there are three types of women on the the island.