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The one annoying detail I don’t deal with is inspections.

The inspectors want to deal with the actual builder, not the office weenie.

Some dress as women on the job, some don’t, and some aren’t totally out of the closet yet.

This all happens while she’s turning her toolbelt out of the way and dropping her pink jeans and pink panties.

With no further words, no lube and no apology, Prissy shoves her femi-nine inch clit into the Inspector.

She’s beautiful, has exquisite taste, and six feet of hard muscles and sassy attitude wrapped in cafe au lait skin.

Her wardrobe is almost entirely pink, her favorite color, from workclothes to lingerie. In our private moments, I call her Prissy the Sissy.

I know you can’t help staring at my round plump cheeks.

Even when you’re kissing me, sucking on my nipples and touching my soft skin all you really want is my ass. That part of my body that is considered especially dirty.

In our partnership, I deal with the funding and the accounting and the OCD details like permits.

Prissy runs a crew of “workwomen” in various stages of transition.

Then suck on my asshole like you are trying to give it a hickey.

However, you can’t stop there because that would be a total tease.

We immediately know this is one of those “impossible to please” government employees.