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Only when the cheating spouse has used shared assets from the marriage to finance the extra-marital affair does the adultery affect the distribution of assets.For example: If a cheating husband sold stock that was in the wife’s name to support his mistress, then the court would likely take this into account, when distributing assets.

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More couples are “trying to work it out.” Historically, men have been granted much more of a pass to commit adultery than women.When women committed adultery, it was usually punished more seriously.However, California takes it one step further and actually codifies this policy into its custody law.The law simply and clearly states the following: “The immigration status of a parent, legal guardian, or relative shall not disqualify the parent, legal guardian, or relative from receiving custody.” Instead, the law requires courts to base custody decisions on best interests of the child.There can be complications if ICE initiates deportation proceedings against the parent in the future, but you should not fear a child custody case in itself.

At the family law firm of Razai & Nefulda, APC, we represent parents in custody matters with all different circumstances and immigration statuses.Even today in some countries, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, women who commit adultery can be put to death. S., a handful of states still legally consider adultery a crime, but the law is rarely, if ever, prosecuted.In most cases of divorce, where adultery has been committed by one of the persons in the relationship, adultery almost never plays a role in determining the separation of assets.The law gives the court full discretion to decide whether parents should share joint custody, one parent should have sole custody, or a non-parent should instead receive custody of the child.Many factors play a role in the court’s decision regarding the best interests of a child, including: The court can consider any circumstances it finds relevant to the situation at hand, however, it will not terminate custody rights based on immigration status alone or report the parent to ICE.No longer is the focus only on deporting immigrants who pose a threat to the public; now ICE has been directed by the current administration to go after almost any unauthorized immigrant.