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De Von is also transparent about the challenges he faces daily as he endeavors to “Master the Dog” within. De Von tells female readers everything they need to know about men.He offers women a real-time understanding of how men’s struggle effects them, insights that can help them navigate their relationships with men and information on how to heal from the damage that some misbehaving men may have inflicted.

It’s okay—just be truthful with whomever you’re dating.If you don’t value and respect her, don’t date her.If your answer involves wanting to lay hands on that man, then look at yourself.Why is it okay for you to do the same things to someone else’s mother or daughter?As someone who doesn’t like drama, I like to meet people outside of my usual circle, so online dating is simply perfect!

Usually when I have conversations with my girlfriends or my mother about a certain person I met, they’re always like “Si you’re brave!If a man isn’t interested in a committed relationship, then he should tell her the truth.He shouldn’t lie to her and then step out on her later.Regardless of how many profiles you have, if you update them regularly they will produce more dates for you. By regularly we mean once or twice a week, so what you can do is change your profile picture or add more info about yourself.You can also update your tweets and in turn attract the attention of a larger number of users.De Von provides the manual for how men can change, both on a personal and a societal level by providing practical solutions for helping men learn how to resist temptation, how to practice self-control and how to love.