420 and dating How to start speed dating business

In addition to the direct revenue, the venue receives free publicity through your own marketing efforts as well as an introduction to many of your guests who haven't visited the venue previously.

Putting your requirements up front in your marketing letter gives venue owners the ability to seriously consider your request to use their facility for your event.

It’s low-risk, it’s low-cost and there is always the chance that you might meet someone that is a great fit for you.

Both business owners and clients are trying to find the right match.

Sales reps are sent on cold calls to try to lure a client, just like singles often hit the night scene, hoping to attract a partner.

Event Coordination Opportunities - If your group, charity, school or company is interested in leveraging our expertise in holding speed dating events (and even speed networking events), we can help ensure it's a complete success!

Speed dating events can provide you with significant earnings while performing a public service for lonely hearts.

The event lasted for an hour and a half, allowing businesses and potential clients to make contacts, exchange information and plan to meet again later.

It may be hard to measure the collective impact of the networking that took place.

Once you find a potential connection, it’s time to move things on to the next level.

This is true in the dating world, but it is also the next step in the business world.

While marketing the event certainly plays a role in drawing paying participants, the location of the event is equally important to your success.

It must be accessible, preferably trendy and well-known to your target audience.

In 90 minutes, you may make contacts that grow your business, find solutions in time-saving services or learn new ways to network from the business representatives you meet.