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Mc Kellen found mainstream success with his performance as Magneto in X-mehed (2000) and its sequels.

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In 1988, Ian publicly came out of the closet on the BBC Radio 4 program, while discussing Margaret Thatcher's "Section 28" legislation, which made the promotion of homosexuality as a family relationship by local authorities an offense.

It was reason enough for Mc Kellen to take a stand.

He has been active in the gay rights movement ever since.

Ian resides in Limehouse, where he has also lived with his former long-time partner Sean Mathias.

He was not able to accept the role, due to a prior theatre engagement in London. While being a guest on Jay Leno (December 26, 2003), he said that he had not seen X-mehed 2 (2003) when it opened in theaters, he only saw it when the DVD hit the stores.

He then called up Bryan Singer and asked, "Is there going to be X-Men 3? In his excitement, he got Singer six theater tickets to go see S├Ármuste isand: Kuninga tagasitulek (2003).

At Bolton School in particular, he developed his skills early on.

Indeed, his first role in a Shakespearian play was at Bolton, as Malvolio in "Twelfth Night".

The X-Men graphic novel "The Return of the King" is, appropriately, about the return of Magneto. In an article in "The Advocate", issue dated December 11, 2001, he further explained that what he had felt for Jacobi in their youth was "a passion that was undeclared and unrequited".

Before performing the role of Gandalf, he listened to a recording of J. He used the phrase "old friend" in both the X-Men film series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

However, he has managed to make several quite successful forays into film.