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Tex -The serial* finallypaaacd Monday, by a vote of IS totlie Metcalfe Mil passed last week bthe house, providing for the establish jmint of an Agricultural and Mecbani•ml College of equal rank with thepreacnt institution at Hryan.

in thaportion of Western Texas lying west Iof the 9Slh meridian and north of the ISLh parallel There was strenuousopposition to The Treasure Irtmi the members who voted against Ittman, Deckerd, Harley.

They will beurged, not to discourage the profitableraising of cotton, but to make it strict-ly a money crop by raising the foodand feed needed for home consump-tion.It will be shown that there is nouse to go crazy over high prices ofcotton, for all other agricultural products, also, are high and many othercrops can be groxru that will bring Just as much money, besides conserv-ing tbe richness of tbe soil.Inacknowledging the memorandum whichyou were kind enough to send to meon the 11th Instant, that the govern-ment Of the United States would glad-ly dtsru Fs with the German govern-ment any questions It might proposofor discussion, wore It to withdraw Itsproclamation of the '.1st of January, inwhich, suddenly nndswlthout previous Intimation of any hind. Ivlina Ihvla Harrisix Jdt i a for-xiatv out4u(*s ••( iks wan waa lually passed At s pre caucus Thursday plg Hi M■ u Is M'd to a«t th© S(i't'aii»**i4«'|u(ra U *■ M*k YIday Thirt©**© *©Ma6,*i#i» cuhb fe«-lrlt'uttofi commit daily ha* hvvs brought ib on the Do ]•.-nberg lease west of Mvsla Ask for Federal Transports.It canceled theassurances which it had given thisgovernment on th* 4th of May last;but (hat It does not r.-e| that it esn en-ter Into any iliscu.-siou with the German government concerning tile policyorgunlzal Ion could put into the field man government; and2,290 trained Red Gross nurses and es-timated that if 30 per cent of Hit Be, towhom the Red Cross had given ele-mentary training, responded to thecall as nurses' aides the total nursingpersonnel would be about 5,000."With the custon •ssignment often patients to each i. Washington The federal shippingboard has taken it* first practical steptoward rehnhllltaling American marinecommerce by asking President Wilsonto turn over to It idle transports forservice tyr the rvwtsiwie© Irani© Mwwa Atlantic and Ihiciflo.porta ihrougli tbo Panama canal Will Aid Government.T Jhas Howservice requiring culling at such lat-ter places, with these exceptions: Under application mad© to the coun-ty Judg©, children under 12 years ofage. potaloe* sad fasalstiiffs ofkinds will bv grown altur FUus Jerrey cows «hl« ban* turksy*ducks nr* raised th* yaor round, sadti praav-ul n*w breeds of Ihos* *nrtmis aaltaais are bolag tntrudurod" ♦H J, lloruaa are la last dir*, tor twosi of th* Natloaal Highway* Asa*, uuoa sad T F Mraui arelslaal moreiary of tha Tessa Good Roods a#nrlsllss addressed * largo sad coik Miulk gsfhortag al Broaham Fryday.

whose ©arnln ■* ar« necessary fortheir support or that of u widowed orneedy mother or Invalid father, tunyhe permitted to work tn other placesthan whore dangerous machinery Issuch ptarea aa where the| .iysital Cotn Ion of the Hid I- V-kely to lot Injured. uhaa ih# plans for lb* prepoosdllvwls* Avals highway wore ouillavd A bxc*t unit yf th* Natiouol Muhway* Asset Is ties waa • (uraidoiib W w Man; as prrekgvai sad Hoary Mostler a* secretary Draw?

Aith the United States, providing that the com-mercial blockade against England willnot be broken thereby.

F Ritter.’"This memorandum was given Im-mediate consideration and th*- follow NATIONAL RED CROSSCOULD CARE FOR MILLIONHeadquarters Officials Claim That Few Days Hospital Fores Could Handle Army of Million.

*e,” be added.ambassador at Berlin and by handinghis passports to the German ambassador in Washington; and“Whereas, Notwithstanding this sev-erance of diplomatic Intercourse, th©president has expressed his desire tonvoid conflict with the Imperial Ger"Whereas, The president declared Inthis said address that if. New York —Fifteen airplane inan U-1failures with a combined capital of$.10,000,000 and a total capacity of 176machines a week, after organizing the Aeronautic Manufacturer*’ Association Friday, telegraphed President Wll*on,placing all their resource* at his comnaand Navajo Indian* Ready to Entist. Utah -C L Chpa(vnsen of Monte vllo Utah, who aayathat he baa been Interpreter amongtbe Indiana for forty yaara, wrote to Ooverpor Hltnon Mamburter Haturdaythat he could enlist 10.000 Navajo* toprotect tba Mexlcau border In near Zavala For a sumbar of yoara Dr Pickering had drawsa pauatu O as a member of Houston sarmy at Han Jacinto, and h* was.

In his Judg-ment, an occasion should arise for further action on the part of the governmen! withoat doubt, the last survivor of that hi*torlr atruggle Dr Pkkerlag wa* bora January II 111!

This newspaper is part of the collection entitled: Conroe Courier and was provided to The Portal to Texas History by the Montgomery County Memorial Library System. THE CONROE COURIER, CONROE, TEXASSOUK PASSED WEST “TEXAS COLLEGE BILLMEASURE HASBLEN PASSED BYHOUSE.