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It was happened upon by a woman and five children, who died when it exploded.

The three crewmen then killed and ate their cabin boy named Richard Parker. Then check out our other galleries on interesting facts about the world and fun facts that are perfect for trivia night!

Civil War soldiers on both sides were offered bounties upon enlistment, causing some men to enlist and escape again and again in order to collect multiple bounties.

Radiocarbon measurements have a range of uses, from analysing archaeological finds, to detecting fraudulent works of art, to identifying illegal ivory trading, to assessing the regeneration of brain cells in neurological patients.

The new study suggests that some of these current uses will be affected over this century, depending on how much fossil fuel emissions increase or decrease.

While Pope Gregory IX was in power, he declared that cats were associated with devil worship and had them exterminated across Europe. Army fired 1,400 anti-aircraft rounds during what was thought to be a Japanese air raid over Los Angeles County. Both the Titanic and the fictional Titan did not have enough lifeboats for the thousands of passengers on board.

It's believed that the disappearance of cats helped rats proliferate and spread the bubonic plague. Between the 11th and 19th centuries, Buddhist monks in northern Japan practiced a kind of meditation called Sokushinbutsu, in which they would mummify themselves alive by slowly weaning themselves off food and water before eventually starving to death.

During World War II, a Pennsylvania dentist convinced President Roosevelt to bomb Japan with timed explosives attached to thousands of bats.

But after some of the armed bats were accidentally released and destroyed their testing facility, the bat bomb project was scrapped. He died of a cold just two months into his presidency.

The town of Salem, New Jersey once held a trial against tomatoes in 1820 because of the widespread belief they were poisonous.

The case ended after Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson ate a basket of tomatoes without ill consequence. It was about the large unsinkable ship "Titan" hitting an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic.

One of famous radiocarbon dating investigation is the Shroud of Turin, which allegedly has the image of Jesus Christ.