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Filing a police report may also serve as valuable evidence if the victim needs to apply for unemployment benefits or decides to pursue a legal complaint against the employer or abuser.State and Local Laws Because federal employment laws provide only limited protection against workplace harassment, some states and cities have passed laws and ordinances that either prohibit harassment entirely or expand the categories under which harassment is illegal.However, some states and municipalities do provide workers with broader protections against bullying bosses and co-workers.

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The legality around workplace harassment is a complicated issue.

Federal law prohibits some types of workplace harassment, such as the intimidation or bullying of whistleblowers or people protected under anti-discrimination laws, but not all types of harassment are necessarily illegal.

Nobody likes to work in an intimidating work environment.

Being subject to bullying, threats and humiliation takes its toll on an employee's career, finances and health.

This means a hostile work environment caused by company owners, managers, employees or non-employees may be subject to disciplinary measures by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In addition, victims of bullying, as well as other co-workers affected by a hostile work environment, may be able to sue an employer for its failure to address and stop the intimidation.

Unemployment Compensation Unemployment benefits are intended for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

In most cases, people who voluntarily quit their jobs are not entitled to claim unemployment.

However, some states do acknowledge that workplace intimidation, harassment and bullying constitute a constructive discharge.

This means that the work environment has has become so bad that the employer has effectively made it impossible for the employee to work there safely.

Workplace intimidation and bullying can take many forms, including cyber-bullying, sexual harassment, insults and put-downs, lashing out against the employee by yelling and cursing, and threats of violence.